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GTV Strategic Partners, Friends and Associates

  • Green Tech Ventures is a "Green Tech Global Network Consortium" of dedicated "Like-Minded Green Tech Advocates" dedicated to the cleansing, healing and restoration of our Planet Earth by way of "Green Technology". To arrive at this destination we must "Invest in a Green Economy, Create Green Jobs and Train a Green Workforce" that will "Power Mankind into the Future!" We at Green Tech Ventures simply have set out to increase the ability of our Green Tech Friends, Strategic Partners and Like-Minded Souls to magnify our voices and educate Investors, Politicians and Societal Leaders to leverage more of their endless power and resources towards the legitimate technological solutions that our "Green Healing Army" bring to the table. We seek to get mankind back on course to arrive at a "Healthy Green Future". We are not just "Going Green", "We Have Gone Green" for all the right reasons that are beneficial to society. We are not just promoting Green Initiatives for the "Here and Now", we are co-creating Green Solutions for "The Here, The Now, The Future & Forever!" If you are a "Like-Minded Soul" that feels the same, then please Join Our GTV Global Network, Share Your Green Vision & Invite Your Green Network of Friends, Family & Associates to "Magnify Our Green Voices!"

  • Green Tech Ventures Joint Collaborative Networking Business Model is designed to help inventors and patent owners expose their projects and technology to potential investors and funding sources. Although we are not a funding source ourselves, our network of Inventors have some incredible game-changing technology available to show to interested investors. As a Green Tech Marketing Firm we understand the need to increase efforts to "Introduce Inventors to Investors" in hopes of helping to create partnerships that can allow inventors to continue their research, design, engineering, prototype development and reach production milestones to prove out and eventually roll-out their technology. While they do what they do best creating Green Technology for the future, we hope to open doors for opportunity to get their projects, companies or inventions exposed to resources who can fund their technology. All interested "Green Technology Investors" please fill out our "Online Investor Project Info Request Form" and we will provide you with an "Executive Summary" of your project of interest. GTV is an authorized representative of any of the Inventions or Technology shown in this area of our site.

  • GTV - Green Tech Ventures Founder Donald Thornton is an internationally know Graphic Designer, Art Director and Marketing Consultant who's associates and clientele pool is made up of a network of accomplished Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Special Event Managers, Print Media and Broadcast Media Specialist of whom most of which are committed to raising the bar on Green Jobs, Green Technology and the Green Economy. In order to raise the bar and spread the word we have to all support each others activities, products, services and events. Let's work on co-creating and supporting projects we can all participate in in the months and years ahead.

  • Green Tech Ventures Co-founders, Don Thornton and Willie James have a longstanding history of charitable philanthropic work and volunteerism spanning several decades. In particular, their primary focus has been "Education, Youth Empowerment, Job Training, Health, Fitness and working to "Benefit Disenfranchised Markets" and "Help Impoverished Men, Women and Children" of all cultures. Their goal is to continue to support the humanities by leveraging the power of Green Tech Ventures Global Network towards multiple causes in hopes of making a lasting impact on society. The following list of causes, programs, events, networks, charitable groups and/or projects are just a few of the charitable programs they have either co-created, joined, are in support of and/or highly recommend or refer.

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